Anyone choosing to buy a sliced Ferrari prosciutto pack knows that it contains all the sweetness of freshly sliced Parma ham. Why? Because we slice it in a protective atmosphere, to safeguard its freshness and bring taste, quality and safety to your table.

01. Pressing

Once it has been deboned, the prosciutto is cut near the bow and inserted in the press. The resulting ‘brick’ of pressed ham is kept in shape by surrounding plaques.

02. Vacuum packs and storage

The pressed ‘bricks’ are sealed in vacuum packs and transferred to a first refrigeration cell, where they remain for 10-12 hours, until they reach 3°C. They then pass to a second cell, which takes them down to 0°C, the ideal temperature for slicing.

03. Slicing and packaging

The bricks are removed from their provisional packaging and enter the white room for protective atmosphere slicing. The slices are immediately laid in the plastic packs and sealed.

04. Controlling and labeling

Every single pack passes through a metal detector, as a last safety check, and is then labeled according to legal requirements, indicating batch, sell-by date and other information.