Melon Eat&Drink /Prosciutto di Parma Piadinas

Ingredients for 10 people

1 Kg Prosciutto di Parma
350 gr cleaned rocket
100 gr mature toma “da mola” chees
1 Kg peel potatos, julienne cut
200 gr butter
20 gr sage
10 gr rosemary
100 ml extra virgin oil, sea salt flakes, mountain herbs


1 Kg soft and small violet artichokes,refreshed in water
80 ml lemon verbena souce
10 gr fresh parsley, julienne cut
30 ml extra virgin garlic oil
sea salt flakes, citrus and celery flavour

600 ml fresh melon juice
80 ml cachaca
300 gr cleaned melon, brunoise cut
200 ml passito wine
3 pcs aspic
20 gr fresh mint leaves
2 pc lime
50 gr brown sugar


Put aspic in water and ice.
Heat the passito wine up (55°C), add the aspic and leave thicken.
Make the salad up with the aspic “a brunoise” and the mint leaves.
Crush together lime and brown sugar, add cachaca and melon juice, strain and put in the fridge just before serving.


Melt the butter with the herbs, let them steep for 20 minutes, and take the herbs off.
Cook the potatos “piadine” into a nonstick pan, cook slowly with the butter’s infusion antile they brown. Take your piadina and put it on blotting paper. Keep them warm.
Cut the toma chees with the specific millstone and set it apart.
mix the atichokes with lemon verbena souce, parsley, garlic oil and citrus and celery salt.
Mix rocket with Giachi oil and a bit of mountain herbs salt.


Add salad to the melon in the special glasses, add some shakered ice-melon juice.
In the meantime make the sandwich with warm piadinas, artichokes salad, rocket, Prosciutto di Parma DOP and toma cheese; add another potatos’ piadina and serve as you can see from the picture.