We have been producing Parma Ham since 1978

With 20 years of experience in ham production behind him, Giovanni Ferrari opened his first factory.
Over the years, the company has expanded to include three buildings. Our Parma Ham continues to acquire ever greater appreciation, achieving success abroad. We have reached the French Riviera, London, Paris and Japan.
Currently, our production exceeds 250,000 hams per year.

Where we produce and cure

Our facilities are located in Tizzano Val Parma, in the hamlets of Moragnano and Lagrimone, 800 metres above sea level in the Emilian Apennines and halfway between the Po Valley and the Mediterranean Sea.

We are 30 km from Langhirano, within the typical Parma Ham production area. Our hams are cured in a pristine ecosystem with a dry microclimate ventilated by fresh, clean air: perfect for achieving superior quality.

Flying high starts with the basics: the selection of the raw materials

Making ham is a slow business, which needs attention and a great deal of care. At Ferrari, we use only selected legs of heavy hogs, bred specifically to produce Parma Ham. The thick layer of fat allows the hams to be cured for longer, resulting in a sweet product with its typical “melt-in-your-mouth” feeling.

We produce in an ethical and sustainable way

At Ferrari, we believe strongly in respecting the land and all its inhabitants, human and animal alike. We always minimise our consumption of water and energy, reaching agreements with pig farmers who work with animal welfare in mind and we allow our hams to cure naturally, without additives or preservatives. Furthermore, each step in the supply chain is scrupulously monitored by managers and guaranteed by certifications that are updated every year.


M99, our seal of quality

Ferrari hams are a safe and certified brand. M99 is the code that has always distinguished the quality of our products, together with the five-point ducal crown of the consortium. Each leg is fire-branded, like the promise we renew every day to the people who choose Ferrari raw ham.