The art of making Parma Ham

Meat, salt, air, time and wisdom

We produce Parma Ham PDO using only five ingredients, all natural.

The meat, from pigs born and bred in Italy and fed on maize, barley and whey
derived from the production of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

The purest sea salt.

The uncontaminated air you breathe at 800 metres altitude.

Time, all that is needed to transform the meat into a ham with an unmistakable flavour.

The knowledge of the people, which is essential in order to process the product according to tradition.

Selected meats

They come from animals born and bred in Italy, according to precise rules laid down by the EU, in order to produce Parma Ham.
The regulations do not only concern breeding methods but also the welfare of the animal, respecting its life and genetic heritage.

Sea Salt

Italian and very pure, it is distributed strictly by hand and with care by our master salters, who, thanks to years of experience, know how to dose the salt according to the characteristics of each leg.

There are two salting phases: one is carried out within 5 days of the arrival of the meat at the farm, and the second after 7 days spent resting in the so-called “first salt” cold room at a temperature of between 0 and 5°C.

Clean air

Fresh and uncontaminated, beyond the line of smog and CO2: this is the air of the famous “Marino” wind (sea wind), which rises up from the sea and meets our mountains, curing our hams in a natural way.

Slow curing

The legs rest for long months in rooms at a temperature between 15 and 22°C, rocked by the sea breeze Marino that over time transforms them into the characteristic Parma Ham PDO.

Time is the invisible but indispensable ingredient in the creation of a superior ham. Because all things come to those who wait.

The value of people

Making ham is a family tradition for us. We follow age-old methods for processing, preserving and curing meat, jealously guarded and handed down from our ancestors to the present day.

An invaluable heritage of experience and craftsmanship, which combined with slow curing makes our products exceptional in sweetness, colour and taste.
This is how we make our PDO Parma hams.

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