Our trademark, our identity.

We became members of the Prosciutto di Parma Consortium in 1979: ever since, M99 has been our membership code, which appears on all our cured ham products together with the five-point crown and the date they began to be processed.

A trademark that guarantees those who want authentic ‘Prosciutto di Parma’. And those who want Prosciutto Ferrari.

Every prosciutto tells the same story

In 1978, after years of experience in the meat curing sector, Giovanni Ferrari decided to set up his own business and qualify his own brand for an authentic Prosciutto di Parma certificate. And so was born Prosciutto Ferrari, hand-made following traditional methods handed down through the generations.

Since then we have grown, and the family has grown too: from small artisan beginnings we have expanded in order to keep up with the ever greater demand for our products.

Our production

Our cured raw Parma hams are produced in two production centres in Moragnano and Lagrimone, at 800 metres above sea-level in the area where Prosciutto di Parma originated: unique in terms of climate, landscape, tradition and flavour.

Innovation and technology

Over time we decided we could make use of certain new technologies for certain procedures, with the aim of guaranteeing maximum quality standards and without abandoning traditional experience and manual skills.

40 years have passed: our spirit has never changed, and neither has the taste of our products. Delicious from the beginning.