Fagottini al Prosciutto di Parma



300 gr fresh ricotta chees
200 gr fiordilatte mozzarella chees
200 gr Prosciutto di Parma, sliced but not too much finely and leaving some fat
100 gr grated Parmigiano Reggiano
100 gr butter
500 gr tomato’s flesh
4 crespelle
4 slices Prosciutto di Parma (decoration)
basil (per decoration)


Mix the ricotta chees until it becomes a cream. Cook tomatos and 50g butter in a pot, with a pinch of salt. Cube the mozzarella chees and cut up Prosciutto di Parma into little strips. Put everything in a tureen, adding 2 spoons of grated Parmigiani Reggiano and 3 spoons of cooked tomato’s flesh and then mix. Put the 4 crespelle on the worktop, and put in the center of each crespella a spoon of the filling obtained and close it as a puff pastry pocket. Spread a bit of tomato’s flesh on a baking pan and arrange on it the crespelle, add some tomato on each of them, a knob of butter and bake. When cooked, add some grated Parmigiano Reggiano.
Decoration: before serving, dress crespelle with some Prosciutto di Parma slices and some leaves of basil.